Integrating in the classroom

This textbook and associated notebooks can be used piecemeal to support everything from a small workshop to a full credit course.

Each section in the textbook contains a general discussion of the issue at hand. Each ties to some of the deeper literature, and sets the student up for further independent inquiry. Each section includes a variety of exercises to drive the points home. Not every exercise is necessarily a computational exercise. The notebooks that support or illustrate the sections can be run in any browser, and so instructors and students do not need to worry about having administrator permissions on classroom or lab computers. The up-to-date source markdown, python, and R files for all text and all notebooks are available in our Github repository, while archived versions (snapshots at a given time) are kept in a repository at This assigns a digital object identifier (a DOI) that students and instructors alike may cite.

We encourage instructors to feel free to use just those materials that work for them. Copy and paste text into handouts, course packs, or whatever supports you are comfortable in using. Please do cite the materials, and provide live links to ODATE.