Instructors: How to use this text

There is a logic to how this text is organized that means one could use it in its entirety for developing a course around digital archaeology. It does not assume much digital fluency on the part of students, but builds towards progressively more complex topics. Exercises and further readings are suggested in each section. The text can be used in conjunction with the notebooks, or without them. Alternatively, one can pick from the various notebooks (and their integral texts) and build a course around their use. The source text files for this text are available in this repository and they may be cut-and-pasted into your own coursepacks as appropriate.

Because the source text and code are all open, one could assign students the task of improving, adding to, or altering the text to suit local circumstances. Feel free to fork (take a copy) of the entire project for your own pedagogical needs (but note that any resulting work has to be shared under similar terms). Any changes that get folded back into this source material will be reflected with authorship credentials.