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The Open Digital Archaeology Textbook

An introduction to the issues, methods, and techniques of digital archaeology, integrated with working code and virtual computing environments or 'notebooks' written in Python or R. The only thing you'll need is a browser! Intended for second or third year students, all materials are creative-commons licensed, and may be remixed to suit your instructional purposes. Funded by eCampusOntario.

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Written by Experts

Shawn Graham, Neha Gupta, Jolene Smith, Andreas Angourakis, Michael Carter, & Beth Compton.

Open Repositories

All text and code may be forked and re-used.

Jupyter Notebooks + Binder

Explanations of the code are woven with the code itself in a virtual computer you spin up when needed.

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Collaborative Reading

Built-in tools to annotate the text as a group or as an individual; threaded conversations with unique URLs for each annotation.

Collaborative Writing

Digital technology moves quickly. Propose changes to our text using Github.

Creative Commons Licensed

Use it. Re-mix it. Take it to pieces and make it better.